What does it cost to join Hotel Fact Sheets (HFS)?
After you sign up you automatically get a LITE license. This is a FREE of Charge license.

You can upgrade to a PLUS license (which will cost you Euro 79 per year) to receive the following extras:
- 2 additional Colleagues can be invited to manage/view your Account. Each user gets its own Username and Password to access the account.
- 100 Photos/Documents instead of 5 can be uploaded.
- Hotels get access to Tour Operators in HFS they are not connected with. For example a Hotel in South Africa will see all TO’s that are linked to other Hotels in SA, but not to theirs. You simple hit the ‘invite’ button and an invitation will be sent to the person in charge at the TO.
- More features will be added to the PLUS account over time.

No ‘hidden’ cost with the LITE license?
NO, we do not like ‘hidden cost’ ourselves. The LITE license is FREE of charge, no hidden cost.

Is HFS a ‘bookings agent’?
No, we are not a bookings agent.  HFS is a platform to exchange Hotel information between Hotels and their partners (Destination Management Companies and Tour Operators). It is not possible to book Hotels via HFS.

Can I upload Nett/STO rates info HFS?
No: we do not offer a standard way to store Nett/STO rates in HFS. We will make it possible to add Rack rates in the near future though. Yes: if a Hotel wants to it can create a document with the Nett/STO rates and share this documents with its DMC’s and or TO’s.

How do I get connected to other companies that are not in HFS yet?
Companies in HFS can send out ‘invitations’ to other companies that are not in HFS yet.

Where do I sign up for an account?
1) in case you got an email from a company within HFS there is a link in that email that you should use as it will automatically link that company and yours.
2) in case you did not get an email you can go here and request for an Invite.

We are a Hotel Group with multiple Hotels, can we also join?
Of course! After you created an account you can add multiple Hotels to this account. The same applies to people running multiple TO’s or DMC’s, you can manage them via one account. Create an account for one of the properties and you will be able to add the other properties via the same login details.

I run a Tour Operator and I want my 2 sales people to have access to our account in HFS to be able to see the Hotel information, is that possible?
Yes, but you will need to have the ‘Plus’ license for this. With the Plus license you can invite 2 other colleagues of yours (in this instance, the 2 sales people) to access your account. They will then have access to all Hotels and their shared information that your TO is linked to. The Plus license will cost you Euro 79 per year. For this you can access the account with 3 people, each having their own username and password.