Terms and Conditions

These stipulations only apply to the ‘party that provides the information’.

(hereafter ‘HOTEL’)

Article 1 Cooperation

HOTEL will make information about its accommodation(s) available via the ‘Hotel Factsheets’ (‘HFS’) website.

HFS will store this information in its database.

Third-parties may request this information via HFS’s website and use this for their own purposes, however, they are not meant for sales, rentals or other deliveries to third-parties.

HFS will supply information of HOTEL to third-parties, as soon as HOTEL has approved this.

Approval takes place by HOTEL inviting a third-party to become ‘partner’ of HOTEL, or when HOTEL accepts an invitation of a third-party to become partner.

Article 2 Details

2.1 HOTEL will, immediately, inform HFS of any changes in the information provided to HFS on the HFS website.

2.2 HOTEL guarantees that the information provided by them is accurate. HOTEL protects HFS against any third-party liability, including all costs of legal support which are in any way related to offering incorrect information.

2.3 In case the contract ends, HFS will not supply updates of the already disclosed information of HOTEL to third-parties and HOTEL will not be able to make changes to the information provided by her.

2.4 HOTEL grants HFS the (absolute) right to place the information provided by them at the disposal of third-parties (free of charge). Moreover, third-parties may use this information in accordance with the terms stipulated in article 1.3. In case the contracts ends, HFS and third-parties will remain authorized to make use of this information (free of charge).

These stipulations only apply to the ‘party that wishes to use the information from the HFS database ‘:

(hereafter ‘USER’)

Article 3 Cooperation

USER can withdraw information of HOTEL via the HFS website HOTEL at HFS.

HFS will only supply the information of HOTEL from its database to USER, when HOTEL has given its approval thereto.

Approval takes place by HOTEL inviting USER to become ‘partner’ of HOTEL, or when HOTEL accepts an invitation by USER to become partner.

Article 4 Data

4.1 HFS cannot guarantee that the information received by HFS from HOTEL is accurate. HFS is not liable for damages at USER emerging from inaccurate information of HOTEL.

4.2 In case the contract between HFS and HOTEL ends, USER will remain allowed to make use of earlier supplied information of HOTEL. However, HFS can no longer provide updates of the information of HOTEL to USER. In case a contract between HOTEL (who is partner of USER) and HFS ends, HFS informs USER as soon as possible.

4.3 USER is not allowed to withdraw information from the HFS website without HFS’ the explicit (written) approval.

These stipulations apply to both ‘HOTEL’ and ‘USER’

Article 5 Applicability terms and conditions

These general terms and conditions apply to all offers, contracts and services provided by HFS.

The general terms and conditions of HOTEL and USER are explicitly rejected.

HFS is only bound by alterations of the general terms and conditions, when HFS has confirmed these in writing.

Article 6 Compensation

HFS will receive a compensation from HOTEL/USER in accordance with the abstract published on the HFS website for disclosing certain information. HFS is authorized to make changes to this compensation.

Compensations always exclude VAT and other levies of taxes made by the government, unless parties have agreed otherwise in writing.

Article 7 Terms of Payment

7.1 Payment of the compensation will take place upfront via the HFS website.

Article 8 Liability

HFS can only be held liable for damages, when these damages are covered by its liability insurance to the maximum amount the insurance company indemnifies, increased by the excess, or when these damages emerged on purpose or by serious misconduct on the part of HFS or one of its managers.

If foul play or serious misconduct are not under discussion, or the insurance does not pay out and liability of HFS does apply, than this liability is solely limited to direct damages with a maximum of the monthly compensation.

HOTEL/USER protect HFS from all liabilities of third-parties, legal costs included, that are in any way connected to the cooperation between parties.

All rights in personam that HOTEL/USER have must be presented to HFS in writing within 6 months after the moment they became or could reasonably have been known, in the absence thereof these will be declined.

HFS disclaims and excludes any and all liability in respect of the HOTEL/USER which is related to any (temporarily and/or partial) breakdown of the website of HFS.

Article 9 Intellectual ownership

9.1 The intellectual ownership rights of the information will be respected by HOTEL/USER, except for the event where parties have agreed differently.

Article 10 Use of data by HFS

10.1 HFS is authorized by HOTEL and USER to use the data supplied without restraint (meaning in any case commercial/ marketing purposes).

Article 11 Duration contract

The contract is entered for one year. The contract can be terminated by all parties at the end of each contract year.

In case of bankruptcy, suspension of payment, seizure on or liquidation of HOTEL/USER, HFS is authorized to terminate the contract effective immediately, without owing any form of compensation.

Article 12 Additional conditions

HOTEL/USER is not in any way a representative or agent of HFS.

In case one or more stipulations of these terms and conditions are deemed nul and void or annulled, the other stipulations of the agreement and the general terms and conditions will still apply. The stipulations that have been deemed nul and void or annulled will be replaced by stipulations that resemble the purpose and meaning as much as possible by parties.

Article 13 Applicable law and competent judge

13.1 Contracts with HFS shall exclusively be governed in accordance with Dutch law. Any dispute between parties must exclusively be submitted to the competent courts in Utrecht, the Netherlands.